New website launched

Published: 30th January 2018

We thought it was about time to review our own website and give it a little refresh with new design, layout, functionality and content.

We spend so much time delivering quality services for our clients, we forget at times to stop, take a breather and think about our business. Christmas is a great time to ‘play catch up’ so while all our clients were having a well-deserved rest and recharging their batteries, we used that time to re-design and re-write this new website and we’re really pleased with it – we hope you like it to.

We’ve been working with the guys at Urban River ( to re-design our site and thanks to NBSL ( for providing some support in grant funding to get us going. It’s not the first time we’ve worked with Urban River, we worked with them to re-design and re-launch a new website for one of our clients, Tyne Housing Association. Check it out here –