Get animated

Published: 26th January 2018

There is a lot video content on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook designed to grab people’s attention and encourage the number of clicks, likes, comments and shares.

Moving content is much more engaging that static content but has your organisation considered using animation and motion graphics as part of your sales and marketing strategy? Animation and motion graphics are becoming more and more popular and has been a topic of conversation with a few of our clients.

We have been developing short clips for clients about specific products and services they can then use online and on social media. We can develop animation or motion graphics that brings your brand to life. Unlike video when you need to find the right person to star in the production and seek permissions or you may work with a specific customer group, that due to their background or vulnerability, they can’t be used in video productions. How do you get around this?

Animation and motion graphics allows you to create a campaign whilst still delivering your key messages but avoids identifying anyone in particular.

To give you an idea – we’ve been trialling some motion graphics based on our corporate logo but using this in a way which brings our logo to life. We used the Up North symbol as the focal point to create a ‘character’ that comes to life. We wanted to use this as a way of promoting some of the key the services we provide for clients. Here is a preview of the clip we produced ( very simple, but very effective.

Maybe your organisation could benefit from producing short animation or motion graphic clips to promote your products or services.

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