Why press releases are more important than ever

Published: 9th January 2018

A press release is a great public relations tool, especially for a start-up or a growing business. A press release can publicise important and useful information about an upcoming event, new product launch or announce a service.

In today’s landscape, press releases are becoming increasingly more important because they can:

  • improve brand image
  • have higher levels of credibility
  • assist an organisation to reach a larger audience

Both large and small companies in every industry are now using social media as an integral tool in their public relations strategy, so much so that social media and public relations are synonymous.

With the integration of social media and public relations, alternative publishing options are becoming much more viable, with some businesses self-publishing online. Releasing an online press release allows you to directly communicate to a large audience or target specific groups.

Remember, incorporating key words into your press release will also strengthen your SEO strategy – a press release is a powerful tool for your organisation!

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